Lumeris Makes Healthcare Companies Better

September 16, 2016
The experienced team at Lumeris believes that sharing data and strategies makes the most sense these days, so they do exactly that. The Lumeris Collaborative Model uses the healthcare industry's best quality results models to produce huge cost reductions, sometimes as much as 30 percent. They can do this by shifting focus to preventive care and by eliminating of inefficient and/or unnecessary care. Everyone knows that fewer patient visits means lower administrative costs.

Whether you're a healthcare provider or a payer, Lumeris can help make your business better. Their experience includesworking with organizations at every level of the healthcare system, including accountable care organizations (ACOs), Medicare Advantage plans, integrated delivery networks (IDNs), and hospital bundled payment programs and they have the expertise to make the entire healthcare delivery system better and most cost-effective. Their systems and technology simply make everyone better at their business.

Lumeris technology is based on a belief that the old healthcare system, in which some organizations had to lose so that others could win, had to be replaced by a system in which everyone cooperates and shares responsibility. That cooperation, along with an increased focus on outcomes, makes everyone better and happier.

Making Healthcare More Efficient the Lumeris Way

June 10, 2016
Lumeris is nothing less than a pioneer and a major leader in the field of population health management solutions. Founded in 2000 as Wellinx, Inc., the company, which currently operates as a subsidiary of Essence Group Holdings Corporation, offers operations, technology and consulting services to organizations throughout the healthcare system, including accountable care organizations (ACOs), star-rated Medicare Advantage plans, integrated delivery networks (IDNs), and hospital bundled payment programs.

The services and leadership that Lumeris provides helps client organizations manage the critical transition from volume-based care to value-based care, which means demonstrating their ability to assess risk in various populations. They have worked hard to develop systems and supporting software to help providers and payers to better manage patients effectively to maximize value and minimize risk. Their services are extensive and include quality optimization, documents management and coding, provider network management, disease management, and cost management applications.

Given their ability to offer such a wide range of services, the Lumeris team of professionals empowers providers and their accountable care teams by providing them with strategies to improve processes in a way that makes them more efficient and cost-effective.

Lumeris is the ideal partner for any health care organization that is seeking to work within the current system created by healthcare reform. Their methods can help transform any organization's business and care-delivery model in a way that brings measurable improvement in both clinical and financial results. They make sure healthcare providers understand the dynamics of the system and how to work together with everyone else in the system to make it all work for everyone.

Accountability And Innovativeness At Lumeris Incorporation

March 29, 2016
Lumeris, Inc. is based in Missouri Saint Louis, it was incorporated in the year 2000 and until today, it operates as an Essence Group Holdings subsidiary. Tandigm Health chose Lumeris as its vendor in value-based care population health technology. Lumeris intended to offer assistance to PCPs- primary care physicians as contracted by Tandigm Health and help them manage the challenging and chronic conditions. The technology enabled Lumeris service will support close to 300 PCPs from Tandigm Health in approximately 100 regions in Southern Pennsylvania.

Lumeris is a company that values accountability and innovation in healthcare delivery. The company offers operational support to payers and providers, health systems, consulting and technological services. The company's technological-enabled services assist healthcare organizations to deliver quality and affordable services. The company is a pioneer in providing management solutions to population health. Deliveries of technology, operations, and consulting services to healthcare organizations have been successful.

The services provided by the Lumeris Inc. for healthcare delivery systems are ACOs- Accountable Care Organizations, Medicare Advantage plans, IDNs- Integrated Delivery Networks and bundled payment programs in hospitals. Other services include Maestro that provides documents coding and management, quality optimization, disease management, provider network management and cost management applications. Lumeris Company was initially known as wellinx, Inc. It has received various recognitions including being the number one in health care delivery.